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At Sea Fuel, we work with our heart and soul to ensure that you get the best tasting seafood in town accompanied by the friendliest service and an atmosphere that makes every visit unforgettable.

Born from a passion, created with love, and served with care, all our seafood delicacies are made from the freshest fish and all other authentic local ingredients that will make you lick your fingers till the last bite.

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Founded and run by a family of seafood lovers and fish and chips specialists, Sea Fuel takes pride in serving premium quality and delicious tasting seafood dishes in the West End area of Brisbane, Australia.

Renowned for its wide variety of aromatic, enjoyable, and freshly cooked seafood dishes, Sea Fuel was formally established almost three decades ago.

Today, it not only serves its customers some of the most authentic and traditional seafood dishes but also complements them with a wide assortment of salads, beers, and wines. Please check our menu.

Using sustainable Australian fish from the best and premium suppliers in the region, we believe that the quality of the ingredients is the real magic behind the great-tasting creations of our master chefs.

From golden crumbed fillets to succulent grilled snappers to the old-time favorite battered fish, we have it all.

The key to our success is simple: providing quality consistent food that taste great every single time. We pride ourselves on serving our customers delicious genuine dishes like: Fish & Chips, Seafood, Salads.


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Create some enjoyable memories of your life with the best-tasting food in town. Do not take our words for it; visit us, or order from us, and you will surely be coming back for more again!

Select from our wide variety of seasonal seafood specialties, traditional Australian fish, and exotic homemade salads. Make your evenings more exciting with our tap-fresh and a bottled array of beers and ciders, and enjoy the best flavors all around.


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At Sea Fuel, we believe that good food comes from the real affection and care you put into your culinary creations.

Each of our experienced and trained chefs has a passion to infuse his innovative fervor into the traditionally mature recipes and create the flavors and aromas that are exciting yet different from the rest.

All exotic seafood dishes on our diverse and tempting menu are prepared from the ocean’s finest caught fish and other marine fauna that are handpicked every morning by our chefs to ensure freshness and premium quality.

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