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Sea Fuel 

West End

Serving food lovers with great-tasting fish and chips, seafood, and salads for more than 30 years, we opened our first restaurant in Vulture Street, West End, Brisbane.

Home to some of the finest seafood restaurants and eateries, we stand out among all when it comes to premium quality, the freshness of ingredients, and authentic Australian seafood flavors.

Whether you opt for the catch of the day or any of our enticing sustainable luxurious ocean delicacies, you get to relish them in the most pleasing indoor dining area, an environment decorated in a rustic nautical ambiance.
You can also opt to sit outside and enjoy your food in the spectacular sunny atmosphere by the street.

Ideal to fulfill your seafood craving with friends, family members, or colleagues, it is a cheerful place to enjoy good food with the people you love. You can also order pick-up and deliveries.

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Sea Fuel


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Our second restaurant located in Middle Street, Cleveland area brings a fantastic dining experience accompanied by a vast array of seafood specialities, fish and chips snacks, homemade salads, and a bar with exciting drinks to offer.

Personalized service, relaxed ambience, and the mesmerizing aroma of ocean delicacies will make your visit a time to remember forever.

Experience fine dining and a perfect atmosphere with your children, friends, colleagues, and that special someone.
Just let us know in advance, and we will do the seafood magic all around you.

We also offer takeaway and pick-up services for enjoying our great-tasting food at home.